Thursday, October 31, 2013

SOLD!!! Week 2 - 10/24/13-10/31/13


So, it has been a week since we have "officially" broke ground and started the home building process. A few things have happened this week, both good and not so good. To begin, they are still completing the plumbing rough-ins on the lot, our gravel to cover and level the lot has been delivered to prep for foundation, and we got a $25 gift card from our builder!! SAY ask?!?! Yes, this is where a little bit of the bad news kicks in, apparently the builder of our kitchen and bathroom cabinets is going out of business and will no longer supply our region of the country. So, we received a cold letter from the purchasing manager of the telling us we need to choose one of two days to come in to look at the new cabinets. They are suppose to be the same color and style, just a different manufacturer. All there providing is a little gift card when we have to take the time out of our work schedule, use gas, and drive all the way over to the design center.

Oh...BTW, our loan came back from underwriting and we are APPROVED!!! It is officially a go to the finish line!! It only took them about 10 days to approve us and I have heard of people waiting 2 months, just to be asked for more documents. GOD is good!!!

We still haven't received our weekly call as yet from our PM, but hopefully he will gives us a shout tomorrow to let us know what will be happening next week.

Here are a couple more pictures of our lot and our SOLD sign finally put up.

Until next time...Stay Blessed!!


I have no idea what this is for..LOL

I think this is insulation

Plumbing rough-in from the house to the city

Our piles of dirt, rocks, gravel have arrived!!

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