Design Center Pictures

Okay, so it was hubby's job to make pictures of the home at the design center...structural pics that is, but somehow he managed to only take pictures of furniture -LOL. Hopefully, we will be able to make it back there soon to get the structural pics I wanted. This model home is not in our community (thankfully). There is only one other home, so far, in our subdivision with our same floorplan and it is an inventory home with a different elevation. The funny thing is they are building it right now diagonally from our home.

Eat in kitchen

Family room


2nd Bedroom

Laundry room - we are going to add the cabinets later.

Master bedroom

Master bathroom (my sink)

Master bathroom (hubby's sink)

Water closet

Powder bath

Gameroom (upstairs)


  1. I like that your game room is upstairs and the arches between rooms - will you have them? I think they're charming. This is a really nicely designed home!

    1. Hi Jess! Thank you :) We do love the fact the gameroom "mancave" is upstairs. If only the hubby knew I will be doing the decorating. Yes, all the arches will be there. That was one of the details we loved as well.