Monday, March 31, 2014

Drum roll please.....We CLOSED!!!

Okay, so we closed on Thursday, March 27th!!! We had our final walk-through about two hours prior. We almost didn't go to closing because there were some things that our PM just didn't get done. He really kind of worked my nerves that day!!! But it all worked out in the end. Closing took about an hour...we signed, laughed, took some pictures, and received our keys.

So far, we have put up all the blinds in the house except for in our bedroom because we had to special order them due to the size, sealed the grout in the floor tiles and moved just a few items (really just some nic-nacs I bought for the house).

I will try and post some pictures tonight or tomorrow. We are not "officially" moving in until the 12th of April. Hopefully, we can get it together by then and start some packing...hahaha

Until next time, blessings and happy home building.


  1. Congratulations!! It's nice to not have to move right away, take your time!

  2. How exciting, now the fun really starts, making it your home, cant wait for pics, I just love your house!! Wanna switch for **shits in giggles** my mom says that LOL.
    Congrats and enjoy every minute of it.

    1. LOL dwtimes2!!!! I would love to move back to the east coast!!! We haven't "officially" moved in yet. That won't happen until this weekend, but I am definitely looking forward to it. Excited to move in and "make it our OWN"!!