Friday, October 25, 2013

Drains, drains, and more drains....

It has been one week since our pre-construction meeting and the fun stuff has begun. We had our meeting last Thursday and they were supposed to begin clearing the lot on Friday and getting things ready to start the build process...but when we went out to the lot on Saturday afternoon- it looked the same as it did earlier in the week!! We were very disappointed.

Fast forward to Wednesday 10/23 our PM gave us a call and guess what...there has been some activity. So, I drove out to the lot while R was picking up the girls to get some pictures after work. I was so happy!!! The rough in for the plumbing was completed! They worked really fast!!!

Our PM told us that we should be ready to have our pre-pour inspection completed next week by our 3rd party inspector. Yes, we have decided to bite the bullet and hire our own inspector for various phases of our home build (I will write a post on phased inspections later). Items to be completed this week- footers, baggin' the slab (?), and the pre-pour...So Excited!!!

I finally have some pics to share of the build so far. We are going back out on Sunday, so hopefully there will be some more things done by then.

Until next time...Stay Blessed!!

View from front to back of lot

View from Rt side of lot

View from Rt side looking towards the front

View from back rt corner towards front

Our backyard!!

Standing in MB looking into backyard. The little orange flag in the back is our property line.

In the backyard, looking towards the front

Back left corner looking towards the front 

AC placement (not happy about this!!)

Rough-in of MB shower, garden tub, and sink

More backyard

Rough-in MB toilet and R's sink

Rough-in drain system and Kitchen

Rough in upstairs plumbing

Standing in driveway (we are pretty close to our neighbors..eeek!!)

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