Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Pre-Construction meeting Tomorrow!!!

We have been resisting the urge to drive up to our future home site for over a month now, but.........TOMORROW is the day!!! We are meeting with our project manager (PM) in the morning, bright and early at 9 am. The excitement if officially kicking in!!!

So far, we have come up with a list of about 20 questions to ask, relevant to our new home (I will post them below). Our Realtor is going to join us for the meeting to make sure everything goes okay and we understand the whole process that will be taking place over the next few months. Hopefully we will be able to sleep tonight :)

Stay blessed!!!

  1. Can we add a pot-filler over the stove?
  2. Can we upgrade to a seamless shower? If not, can we opt to not install the shower frame?
  3. Is there an outlet for a deep freezer in the garage? Placement?
  4. Are the soap dishes in the showers made with tile? 2 shelves?
  5. Placement of the 2 trees?
  6. Policy on site visit during the building process?
  7. Can we add 2 outlets to the eaves? Separate switch?
  8. Hose bibs? How many? Location?
  9. Is it possible to make the single sink vanity a double in bathroom 2?
  10. Can you show us an example of the brown window frame?
  11. Driveway space/width? Yard space? Property lines?
  12. Average work day in winter months?
  13. Mode of communication? With us? Inspector?
  14. Placement of hot water heaters?
  15. Grading of driveway?
  16. Irrigation system placement?
  17. Exterior outlets? Location? How many?
  18. Location of the AC unit?
  19. Is garage going to be fully dry-walled? Insulated? Painted?
  20. Front door color (Spanish Oak)?
  21. Bath 2 upgrade tile on shower wall?

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