Thursday, October 17, 2013

We have DATES people!!!

So this morning was our pre-construction meeting.  Our Realtor Karl joined us and we met our construction manager (we will call him John). The meeting started out a little bumpy. Not because anything went wrong, but because John wasn't provided all the documents for the construction of our home... good thing I'm organized!!!

We went over the times we would meet again in person over the course of the build.

  1. Pre-construction meeting
  2. Pre-drywall meeting
  3. Pre-settlement meeting
  4. Pre-closing meeting
Next, we reviewed our plot plan. Basically, that is going over our elevation, garage side, yard dimensions, easements, fence location, sod location, driveway grade, etc.

Then, we discussed our selections and options and checked for accuracy. This is where we had a few problems. John wasn't provided with some of our initial upgrades and options. For example, we made a special request to have all of our interior doors 8 ft. instead of the standard 6' 8" doors. Also, we paid for a tile upgrade in the master bathroom with a design. Well, they only had the design in the shower and not around the garden tub. It is a good thing John said he would take of this for us...hopefully, it will get done.

Finally, we went over the best way to communicate with the builder throughout the process. Good thing John likes email because I do too! Everything pretty much went smooth besides the beginning, he let us know that we can visit the home-site as much as we like and that is EXACTLY what I wanted to hear. 

Now on to the most important thing --- DATES!!!

  • Estimated Start Date - 10/18/13
  • Estimated Completion - January, 2014
  • Estimated Pre-Settlement Date - February, 2014
  • Estimated Closing Date - February, 2014
And BTW, we got just about all of our questions answered without even having to ask them.

Stay Blessed!!

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