Wednesday, November 20, 2013

F-O-U-N-D-ATION!!! (Weeks 3-5)

Okay, so we haven't posted in almost 3 weeks because not much has taken place. We have been delayed, delayed, delayed!!!! It has been raining so much here in south TX that the workers were not able to do anything (#tear). Until last week Thursday 11/14/13, our foundation was finally poured. Mr. R (hubby) was able to get up there while they were still pouring and so did our Realtor. It took 7 trucks to lay our foundation. I wasn't able to get up there until later that night when it was dark, but best believe I went out the next day after work.

Here some pics of the progress over the last few weeks. Enjoy and stay blessed.

View from the "driveway" towards the house.

Rebar (garage)

Insulate plumbing with duct tape... Really??

View from the back towards the front of the house.

This was strange to me, but kitchen plumbing
and hoses to laundry room.

Panoramic view of house.

Foundation being filled (garage)

Foundation being laid.

Men busy at work.

I went back at night and everything was poured!!

Guys still working on smoothing foundation.

Went back the next day, all the forms had been removed.

Viola (lol)!!! Our slab of concrete :)))

Standing of freshly poured back patio, looking in the backyard.

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