Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Quick Update

Even though we live in town, our Realtor is so awesome!! He went by and took pictures of our framing package being delivered. Our home is being built about 20-25 minutes outside of town in a small suburban "city". The "city" is really developing, but still has somewhat of a small town feel. Here are some pictures of that he sent us.

On Saturday evening, our builder had a future homeowner gathering. It was great! We had the opportunity to meet a few other families in the neighborhood who are building and one who recently moved in. Our new neighbors are all really sweet people. The best part about the evening was the FREE BBQ, desserts, and liquor :))

Wow!!! As I sit here typing this our SR and PM just called to give an update...they will begin framing this weekend (hopefully)!!! Let's just pray this does happen. We will probably drive up there Sunday to see if they started. They also mentioned we are the only ones framing right now, so it shouldn't take as long...YEAH!!!

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