Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy New Year!!

Long time no blog :)) I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! We sure did. My mom and sister flew in on Christmas day, so I haven't had a chance to update in about 3 weeks :(. Things pretty much came to a screeching halt the the Friday prior to Christmas. A lot of the sub-contractors here go on vacation over the holidays.

It is so good having my mom here, she made a pair of blackout lined curtains for the girls playroom. We are currently working on our curtains for the formal dining room. She even maid matching pillows!! We are really trying hard not to purchase anything for the house before closing. Our Realtor keeps on telling us to wait, it won't be much longer....but hubby has been shopping around at Lowes and Home Depot for the past few weeks (he is dangerous).

We went by the house twice over the last few weeks, once to write scriptures on the framing (got the idea from another blog) which I truly love the idea of our home's structure always being blessed. It was even more a memorable occasion because we had the opportunity to share it with my mom and sister.
So, they completed the pre-plumbing inside the house. All of our tubs and shower pans are in place. They have also completed the electrical and HVAC. It is really cool seeing everything coming together. The next week we went by, they had installed pest control lines in the walls (so cool...never seen this before), Guardian (yes, we have them down here too) did all of the the lines for cable and security.

Next up, is our private 3rd party inspection and our pre-drywall inspection. We can't wait to see the walls finally go up. I have heard after that it goes pretty fast. Our PM has been out sick, but our SR is doing his best to keep us in the loop.

Enjoy some pictures (not the best, will take better pictures next time)



  1. Love love love the curtains! And will steal the idea of writing on the framing, just a great way to make it "yours!"

  2. Thank you! I really can't take credit for the was my fabulous mom!!! She made some for our dining room too!! I have seen a few other bloggers right bible scriptures around their home and we figured it would be a great way to keep positive vibes around the house and bless it.