Thursday, January 23, 2014

Updates from pre-drywall meeting...Updated with pictures.

So last Friday we had our pre-drywall meeting. I would say it went really well. There were still a few issues that had to be addressed at that time (i.e. Guardian), a light in bathroom 3, smoke detector...just very little stuff. They went back and added support to some of the joints were our inspector recommended, which makes me feel a lot better! Other than those minor things, we are good!! So we scored two awesome bonuses that were not in the original plan that the builder usually charges for -1) a water heater closet in the garage was framed out (we will just have to add doors) and 2) our MB closet was framed with 9ft ceilings!!! I can already see it now, floor to ceiling SHOES :))

Once again, our awesome Realtor showed up to make sure the PM addressed everything in our inspection report and to give us any advice or answer additional questions. As we were leaving, the mason's showed up to start laying the brick and excited to see how this looks.


I took some pictures on Monday of some of the brick. One side was finished and they already started the other. We are going to try and swing by this weekend to get updated pictures. I will post the pictures as I get home.

Caught a couple of the workers sleeping..LOL

I don't know if it is the sun or what, but does the brick look like two different colors?


  1. Love your brick color! The last pic- does look a different color but it also looks "wet" did they just get don't putting it up?

    1. And that should be 'done' not 'don't' sorry!

    2. Thank you Chrissie G.! I was initially worried about the wear and tear of the brick color as the years pass, but I absolutely love how it looks!! I think you are right, it may be wet. Funny thing, I went by the house today, but was too in awe to check the brick color :/