Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Windows, roof, and some shopping...

We have been so busy this holiday season that we haven't had a chance to go up to the house during the week. We were able to run about there with the kids on Sunday after church and they were surprised. It feels so good to see them run through the house, talk about their rooms, and how much space they are going to have :) we are truly blessed to be able to share these moments with them...memories that we will have forever.

So far, they have have finished framing the house. Our PM went through and marked a couple areas to be fixed. We also have windows and some siding on the back of the house. Our mock front door is in as well.

This week our roof will be completed; shingles and all.  Rough ins for plumbing and HVAC will be completed this week too.

We have also been doing a lot of window shopping (lol) for a fridge and washer/dryer. Such a hard expensive...but so beautiful too!! Here are some pics!

Stay blessed and Happy Holidays.

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