Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Baby it's cold outside (I found my lost blog post)

The weather down here in South Texas has been brutal for the past week. The framing has been put on hold due to the deep freeze and ice. It is definitely cold, but I haven't seen any ice yet!! They can still build in cold weather ...right? At least they do in AK, ND, and almost every state up north. I have followed many blogs in the last few years where they start the building process in the snow (I think). My point is..JUST...KEEP....BUILDING, we are getting restless in this house and are ready to go. Living in base housing is not the business anymore!!!

What do you all think about building in the cold? Am  I the only one who thinks it's possible? Don't wanna sound like the grinch :/



  1. When we decided to start this process at this time, it was one of the top questions! I have been reassured that building in cold weather isn't an issue. Deep freeze in Texas?! Now that doesn't seem right!! Hope it doesn't affect too much there for ya!

    1. This is definitely not the usual for this area. However, it really is not this cold. Hopefully, they will catch up soon. I don't think that you will have the same problem in your area.

  2. Heck it's -12 here and they still build everyday, but this is Pittsburgh!! LOL. Good luck on finding some progress. dwtimes2.blogspot.com