Sunday, September 1, 2013


Welcome!!! I really don't know where to start. First, we want to thank God for this amazing blessing and opportunity that he is providing for us! Second, we are grateful and excited to get to share this wonderful journey with all of you, our family, friends, and visitors to our page.

Well, here we go...we are starting this blog to chronicle or new home build process and share it with all of you. We have never written a blog or even thought about starting a blog before we began this process. Living in so far away from all of our family and friends we thought this would be the best way to share with all of you and get your feedback. It hasn't been that long since we decided that we would end up staying here in south Texas. The kids enjoy it, J is now in H.S. and we don't want to move him again, plus I have a great job!!

Back in June, we started looking around for homes. We knew we didn't want a home that was already built, so our only option was to begin looking at the numerous home builders in town. Let me tell you...there are a lot! We wrote down what we NEEDED in our home, what we WANTED, and what school districts would possibly build in. After a couple weeks, we made a decision on what area of town we wanted to live in. It is a little bit outside of the city (25 minutes) and will be a commute for both of us.

Now to look for the "perfect" home...this was the hard part. The first time I went with a friend from school who recently purchased a home close to where we will be living. Thank God for her because she showed me different neighborhoods in the area. After a few weeks of looking online and around town (3 weeks to be exact) we went back with our Realtor to a subdivision that we just LOVED. We walked the model home for the floor plan we liked in a different neighborhood twice and could not get it out of our minds. On August 20th, 2013 we decided to sign the purchase agreement, put down our $1500 ernest money, pick our lot and structural upgrades.

We are scheduled to break ground in October after all the permits are issued by the city. We have an approximate completion date February 2014. So make sure you come back weekly and follow us as we will update weekly on our process and post pictures.

Blessings :)

Here is a picture of our lot #40!!!

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